About us - GRA


Growth Resourcing Associates†is a small but highly professional company engaged in the business of helping clients to prepare, submit and negotiate successful grant applications for major grants typically of the order £500,000 to £3,500,000.

Higher grant offers can occur from time to time for exceptional high value or major expenditure cases. There is no upper limit, and grants of up to £30M and higher can be obtained under the current RGF, and previous GBI and SIF /RSA schemes in England, Wales & Scotland.

GRA†has been in business for more than 20 years during which time it is has been responsible for securing over £50M in funding for clients. It only takes on cases it feels it can win, and rarely fails to secure grant funding.

Capital Resources, particularly if given FREE†by way of grant aid as the gift of UK Government, is always hard to find - it is therefore wise to consult GRA Ltd directly at the earliest opportunity to maximise grant potential.


Registration is required so as to gain access to the whole site - the process will not take many minutes, and the information imparted will be held by GRA in strict commercial confidentiality, and not disclosed without authority.†Please go now to our registration page to get immediate FREE access. We welcome this and your future visits, and hope to be of assistance to you.

WOULD YOU LIKE A MILLION POUNDS OR MORE to help your plans reach fruition. Please contact us with details and we will begin to try to help. Remember it is never too early. Often 'would be' clients do NOT leave enough time for the grant application process since this can often take 6 months or more.

Alternately perhaps TWO or THREE MILLION EUROS would help your British based division remain in the UK despite your parent company's enthusiasm for an American or European originated Senior Management plan to relocate manufacturing to the emerging former eastern European countries about to join the EU.

Please contact us with details - it is rare that we cannot find creative ways of assisting the funding of a company's constructive or reconstructive planning.

And we really would enjoy helping you to help Britain by retaining British jobs, labour skills and expertise.

So send an email to GRA today with details, and we will contact you by return. Remember we will only take a case on if we think we can win it.