BREXIT - GRA activity is paused until the grant situation is resolved.

The reader†may wonder why this site is not updated since November 2016 - the reason is that most grant†scheme activity (with the exception of R&D schemes) ended whilst Brexit negotiations dragged on, and even now as we near the certainty that leaving the EU on 31st Dec 2020 can provide, we still do not know what grant schemes will be on offer after this date - the EU continues to argue for control over this aspect of UK independent†governance which is clearly unacceptable after the UK leaves the EU and so an eventual deal still hangs in the balance - while negotiations continue.

When we know we will decide if GRA can offer a service to†those seeking to invest in the UK.

Growth Resourcing Associates†provides an interactive grant research and CONFIDENTIAL advisory service to those companies who may wish to seek supplementary UK Government grants and/or other funding assistance for their qualifying investment projects under present consideration.†If concluding, after a careful scrutiny of all pertinent facts, that a case for grant aid has a good chance of being successful if made under GRA's professional guidance; GRA may then offer to provide their PROFESSIONAL grant application and negotiation service to ensure the largest potential grant is obtained. Such work is mostly chargeable on a success ONLY fee basis. (ie NO WIN - NO FEE)


GRA's specialism lies in preparing and negotiating successful applications for the expiring Regional Growth Fund (RGF), and previous capital investment schemes, Grant for Business Investment (GBI) known prior to 1st October 2008 as Selective Finance for Investment (SFI) in the English Regions, and before 2004 as Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) under which name the scheme still runs in Wales (where RSA Cymru forms an element of the Single Investment Fund) and in Scotland. Grant awards obtained are maximised by GRA's in depth knowledge and tactical skills resulting in substantial offers usually of in excess of £500K and from £1.0M to £3.5M in some instances. (see about GRA / Success Stories for further information).

GRA's expertise is aimed primarily at UK Manufacturing or Service sector companies and is very relevant to those overseas companies who are contemplating setting up or expanding an existing business in the UK perhaps as an alternative to location in another country. This expertise will also be applied to help intending applicants for the new Regional Growth Fund achieve success with this latest Grant Scheme for the English Regions - a minefield of conflicting criteria to bridge for the do it yourself to cross without such background knowledge and experience. GRA has studied RGF in depth and been in consultations with BIS so as to acquire the necessary skills to formulate winning bids for RGF Funding.

GRA's pages provide constantly updated information on Grants, Other Funding Sources, Grant News, Venture Funding Resources, and Small Business Funding of interest to every Company Director, Finance Director, Company Secretary or Business Owner (see 'Why use GRA').

GRA is happy to provide one-off, or on-going answers to the what if questions posed when considering the funding of proposed investment or other business expansion projects: CAN we get a grant? What FUNDING sources are available? Am I eligible for grant aid? Initial advice is FREE even where an initial visit is made by one of GRA's team of Area Application Directors.

No fees are incurred either by initial enquiries where these are by email and the enquiry is of the nature of 'small firm or project funding'. GRA will still attempt to help and give a considered and useful response in the first instance. Please provide all requested information by filling in the form here. Thereafter a chargeable basis may be established by mutual agreement. Please give fullest information which will be treated in strict commercial confidence.

Additionality. A term used and interpreted by the grant authority to meanings held within its discretionary powers as part of satisfying grant specific criteria in the overall appraisal process for the grant application under consideration. Without additionality being proven, no offer of grant can be obtained, and it is therefore crucial to achieve satisfactory proofs within the intellectual case.

The additionality of GRA ensures your success.

Talk to GRA first. WIN from the beginning.†

Wimbledon Cup


GRA is always on the winning side. We have a philosophy of admiring what it takes to win in others, most particularly the feats of those sportsmen and women whose successes we celebrate in our web site. Their efforts to succeed are our inspiration each day at GRA. In more than 23 years working to secure the largest possible RGF/ GBI / SFI/ RSA grants for its clients, GRA has never yet failed to get a satisfactory offer of grant for the project under consideration - our results and the willing testimonials of our clients speak volumes to new clients. Often the award of a grant negotiated by GRA has been seen to be such that the excess over expectation, has more than paid GRA's fee to the delight of the grant offer recipient. Of course there are no prizes for coming second when it is remembered that GRA's services are on a 'No win, No † †fee' basis. Our determination to win is therefore unceasing.